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Tomorrow Never Comes

The debut album from Trystan Layne

Album Story

Adam and Edison began recording back in 2005, working with tracking engineer Joshua Applebee, producer Dan Workman (Destiny's Child, Southern Backtones, Cultercide), and session players John Simmons and Eric Javis. Originally planned as an extended play demo album, the team chemistry within the group was so good that the writing continued throughout the recording process, making way for a full album release.

Midway through the process, Joshua, along with his former Just Alleviate the Symptoms band mate Tyson Sheth (drums), formally joined Adam and Edison to complete Trystan Layne. SugarHill Studios engineer Steve Christensen did the final mix, and Tomorrow Never Comes was released online under A3 Records in July 2008.

Band Bio

Adam and Edison

Adam and Edison

Trystan Layne is an American Pop Rock band that formed in Austin, Texas in 2004.

Edison Bradley
lead vocals
rhythm guitar
Adam Rogoyski
lead guitar
backing vocals
Joshua Applebee
bass guitar
Tyson Sheth
Label: A3 Records
Studio: SugarHill Studios
Origin: Austin, TX
Genre: Pop Rock


  1. Fade Away
  2. Swin Forever
  3. Breathe
  4. White Flag
  5. Monochromatic
  6. Tomorrow Never Comes
  7. Intermission
  8. Four Seasons
  9. Breathe (acoustic)
  10. Harsh Places
  11. Fade Away (acoustic)
  12. Monochromatic (acoustic)
  13. Victims of the Way

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